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In today's article, Ms. Wang shares her own IELTS teaching experience. She has 11 years’ experience in English teaching. At the age of 21, She graduated with a master's degree from Rennes School of Business, an elite French university, and joined the Foreign Examination Department of New Oriental, helping thousands of students. From her perspective, Joining Teenson International School is the accumulation and sublimation of her teaching experience.  


After joining Teenson, I have been exploring the question: what kind of English ability should international high schools cultivate for students to stand out in future competition? And, more importantly, how to achieve these targets through teaching?



国外大学强调的是学生的学术英文能力(Academic English),比如阅读英文资料,听懂教师授课,参与课堂讨论甚至独立完成演讲,以及撰写论文等。具备这些能力的学生,能够在学业上取得更大的优势。试想一下,如果一个学生可以在课前预习阶段,使用快速阅读的技巧自学掌握基础知识点,之后得以在课堂上充分吸收教师的讲解,积极参与课堂上由教师引导的分析与讨论,提出有价值的问题,同时记录好课堂笔记用于课后复习记忆,并在期末考试中撰写出逻辑清晰论文,那么其学业成绩必然不会太差。我自己就是这样的一个例子。

Foreign universities emphasize academic English ability, including reading English materials, understanding lectures, participating in class discussions and even delivering speech, and writing papers. Students equipped with these abilities can gain a greater advantage in their studies. Imagine, if a student can apply fast reading skills to master basic knowledge as preparation before class, absorb teacher’s explanation, actively participate in discussion guided by teachers, and propose valuable questions in class, jot down class notes for exam revision, and write logical essays in final exams, their academic performance won’t be too bad. I am an example of this myself.



And these are the language skills that test-makers of IELTS and TOEFL are trying to evaluate.


English has its own beauty in language, but it also has beauty in thinking and knowledge. The pleasure of learning English lies more in absorbing knowledge and cultivating thinking.


For teaching grammar, I think the emphasis lies on accurate understanding and adequate expressing. Memorizing words without learning grammar would result in “knowing all the words without understanding the meaning”. Students even try to randomly arrange the words in their mind to make up a paradoxical meaning of the sentence, and eventually fall in to the trap designed by exam-maker. Therefore, grammar learning firstly should focus on accurate understanding, and secondly adequate expressing. Students use a specific tone and complex structure only in order to express their meaning accurately. Using complex grammar to express simple meaning would make the composition disharmonious, even be suspected as recitation and obtain low scores in IELTS. Therefore, the teaching of grammar should be combined with the development of thinking, so that students can realize the beauty of language step by step. In the exam, students without accurate understanding rarely score high in listening and reading, while those without adequate expressing rarely in speaking and writing.


再比如词汇,我喜欢追根溯源的思维,从语源的角度理解单词的本来意思,再向学生拓展单词在不同语境中的比喻义(metaphor meaning)及具体用法。这样记忆更准确、更容易迁徙,单词的使用也更加灵活、地道,在各种场景(如TED演讲、外文期刊)中遇到也能够更好地理解其意思。

For teaching vocabulary, I’d like to trace back to etymology, firstly teach the original meaning, and then elicit metaphor meaning in different contexts. In this way, the memory of Chinese meaning is more accurate, and easier to migrate; and the usage of words is more flexible, so that students can better understand them in TED talks or English magazines.


In the teaching of pronunciation, I emphasize stress, intonation and rhythm. This will make it easier for the audience to understand what you are trying to say, and at the same time make your speech more fluent. The ultimate goal of language learning is communication.



Teenson has a very good teaching atmosphere. Here we organize teaching and researching activity every week, conduct joint research with New Oriental to explore the most suitable English teaching method for Chinese international high school students, provide valuable teaching suggestions given by experienced teaching principals. In such an environment, I gradually change my role from a lecturer to a mentor. I became a kind, generous, and divergent person, making students the key character of the class. I will deliberately design the homework to guide students to learn independently and make gradual progress. I will make extensive use of extracurricular materials to expand students' knowledge, vocabulary and thinking, and simultaneously stimulate their interest in learning. Moreover, the cooperative teaching method I employed often works dramatically, since students often do better than I expected in cooperation and competition. At the request of students, I also design games, competitions, debates, speeches and other classroom activities. Students are eager to try, meanwhile to improve their language ability and self-confidence. I also encourage them to actively participate in the extra-curricular competitions.



With my teaching experience, I am looking forward to helping more talented children develop excellent language ability and achieve satisfying results in the overseas exams.


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