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The graduates of 2019 in Teensen have been admitted by 100% of the world's top 100 universities. Among them, Du Heng and Li Xinyue have been invited to interview in Oxford and Cambridge, making the history of Jiangxi local international high school.

2017级学生获得了截至目前为止江西国际高中最好的成绩:刘亦正同学获得英国牛津大学数学系面试邀请、李宇松同学获得英国帝国理工学院材料科学与工程专业降条件、免面试预录取。6.7%学生获得世界TOP10 预录取,26.7%学生获得世界TOP30预录取,80%学生获得世界TOP50预录取,93%学生获得世界TOP60预录取,100%学生获得世界TOP100预录取……

Class of 2017 students have achieved the best results of Jiangxi international high school so far: Liu Yizheng was invited for an interview by the Mathematics Department of University of Oxford and Li Yusong was admitted to the major of Materials Science and Engineering of Imperial College London without interview.6.7% of the students were pre-enrolled in the world's TOP10,26.7% to the world's TOP30,80% to the world's TOP50,93% to the world's TOP60,100% to the world's TOP 100......

超级牛娃相伴 同桌一起努力


The best achievement of Jiangxi international education can be properly used to describe Teensen.Does such a school make you yearn for it? Of course,we have strict selection criteria.



If you are an international student with two courses at the level of A* and two at A, and have IELTS score of 6.5 or above or TOEFL score of 93 or above; If you are a general high school student and your final score can be admitted to key universities of the“985 project”, even Tsinghua university and Peking University;



If you are self-disciplined, receptive, well-balanced in all subjects, thoughtful and have high requirements for yourself;



If your goal is to study at the top universities in the world like Oxford and Cambridge.


If you meet the above three requirements, we sincerely invite you to join Teensen and form the Oxbridge class.There are the same excellent students and teachers.Staying with people with similar abilities and goals will only make you better and better. What’s more, we will offer you a full scholarship.

强大博士军团 将梦想照进现实


In the past four years since its establishment, Teensen has grown from a "dark horse" in the field of international education in JiangXi province to a well-deserved "leader".The teachers here are senior teachers with many years of teaching experience,more than 90% of who have master degrees or above, attracting many famous teachers to join.


In Teensen, you will get a stratified teaching with the most experienced teachers.The cooperation between good students and outstanding teachers is like the icing on the cake;


In Teensen, you will be provided with an exclusive and customized plan to help you get the offer more efficiently and accurately.


In Teensen,there will be teachers to supervise your learning and competition,and you will receive unprecedented attention.


As long as you are the talented students that we want, we have the ability to help you get into Oxford and Cambridge!

大佬云集的班级 个个都是斜杠青年


There is such a "Oxbridge class" in the eleventh grade of Teensen. How smart are they?


Good grades are not their only label. They have an average IELTS score of more than 6.5, TOEFL score of more than 110, and A and above in all subjects. In addition to high grades, everyone in this class has strong skills. All excellent students including dance master, competition master, football master, debate master and President of the student union were concentrated in the same class.


This class has many outstanding students: pragmatic and high self-disciplined student A has enough time and energy to cope with the academic and various extracurricular activities,actively plans and participates in the school activities and like to explore and develop their own interests and hobbies;Diligent, self-disciplined and patient student B with solid discipline foundation has strong sense of purpose and can win the prize in the discipline competition without external interference; Knowledgeable and dedicated student C who has the great ability of thinking, the leadership, the high level of self-discipline has travelled to many countries and met many famous college admission officers; Student D with strong receptivity are full of personality and ideas.


They have sharp minds, wide horizons and a thirst for knowledge. They are active in class, able to quickly digest knowledge points proposed by the teacher, and able to deduce and demonstrate the source of knowledge points by themselves. At the same time, they also have critical thinking, actively exploring the two sides of the problem and drawing inferences from one example. After class, they often debate about a certain topic. It seems that they are hostile to each other on some issues, but in fact, they help each other in study and life.


The teaching plan and schedule of the class are reasonable and sufficient, which can provide enough time for students to review and do exercises. First of all, we designed and arranged reasonable class hours based on years of teaching experience and students' abilities. Secondly, the curriculum design focuses on the foundation and has the discipline system. Each knowledge point is in a chapter or knowledge system, so that students can have good logic and systematicness. Thirdly, we combines the needs of students with the design of teachers to deepen the curriculum. Finally, under such a curriculum design system, our students will eventually be able to participate in a higher level of competition, compete with top students and finally have the opportunity to enter the world's top universities.

选择天行一中  与优秀者为伍


It is this kind of learning atmosphere that the talented children we need. Great students are everywhere in Teensen and only combining them can produce great energy. If you do not wish to stay alone, please welcome to join us and the same excellent class, finding your soul partner in Teensen.


If you want your child to receive a real whole-person education, feel the strong learning atmosphere, and wish to be admitted to the world's top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, please welcome to the Teensen’s Open Day on December 29.


18970992280 / 0791-86232170

Contact Number of Teacher Sunshine

18970992280 / 0791-86232170

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