天行一中研学活动:长安一遇 梦回千年

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The plane descended steadily, and the cold dry wind went into the collar with the automatic door opened slowly. After an involuntary shiver, it woke up like a dream - it was already standing on the ground of Xi'an!



The rhythmic journey attracts the soul in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city outside the bus window. The first stop is the national 5A level ancient city wall of Xi'an. Between the blue bricks and the black tiles, the strong flag that can be seen from the head is flying in the wind, and the square brick prison that the foot is stepping on cannot be destroyed. The ancient city wall stands proudly in the wind, like a loyal soldier, guarding the 13th Dynasty of Tianfu with his thick body. The connotation of a five character verse is enough:






Under the wall is the Yongxing square, which gathers inside and outside. In the Tang Dynasty, Baifang has a great momentum and great waves. In pursuit of the great age of the Empire, the sky is shining; all the States and sages bow down to Chang'an. Guanzhong dragon vein, eight long water, horses neighing through Qinchuan. Remember Taizong, riding six steeds on the crotch, eating Xinjiang and waving whip. Historical records fly over thousands of years, see Wei Zheng mansion open a new chapter. Collection of Shaanxi local delicacies: Zichang pancake, milk mash, jujube cold cake, mulberry juice, bowling wine, color and taste are all complete; the court's ingenious skills spread among the people. Classical architecture, the wind invites the moon, the old city wine shop drunk immortal, floating, want to travel through time and space, drink the sages.


Twilight, the setting sun reluctant to put up her last look back, brush sleeves sprinkle ink covered the sky.When the moon is bright and the stars are thin, stay in the local famous stars, lie down on the soft bed, remove the fatigue, and feel relaxed all over. After taking a hot bath, I went downstairs. My friends at the bar in the living room were having a good chat with the young housekeeper. I joined in. His authentic Shaanxi dialect made us laugh and taught us a few dialects. With a flick of his fingers, it was still night. We went back to our rooms, and the brightly lit hotel went to sleep quietly with the last light out.



In the morning of the next day, the half day tour of "crossing time and space, dreaming back to Daqin" was started in the music of earphones. The first stop is naturally the mausoleum of the first emperor, the Museum of terracotta warriors. Under the guidance of the commentator, we are stepping into the most magnificent Pit 1. Taking chariots and soldiers as the main body, chariots and infantry form a rectangular joint formation. The main body of the array faces to the East. In the south, North and West corridors, there are a row of warriors facing to the outside, serving as wing guards and guards. The three rows of warriors in the East are the pioneers. The second pit is a special army composed of cavalry, chariots and infantry, while the third hall should be the headquarters of the first and second pits. As the only one of the three pits that hasn't been burned by the fire, there are many color paintings left on the terracotta warriors when they were unearthed, which is very popular. Although these buried soldiers have been known as "thousands of people and thousands of faces" since ancient times, after a close look, all of them are well-defined, handsome, and full of the spirit of a clanking son. It can be said that "the loyal soul can sacrifice to the heaven, towering my great Qin Dynasty, and walking on foot with iron hooves.". When a strong man goes, there is no regret in his death; the fragrance of a thousand years is eternal. "


And the next stage play called "the love of the Qin figurines" shocked people even more. Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, is a king of one generation and one emperor of all ages. In ten years of spring and autumn, he is invincible. With the potential of swallowing thousands of miles, he dominates the world. The emptiness of the world, the ignorance of the previous life, has already become a cage - who is watching the sky? He is still running alone on the road Time ah, you are a white horse, across the warm and fragrant spring, across the fiery sun, across the green and flowing gold, across the lofty snow and frost; ten years of spring and autumn, wrinkles on the forehead, hair dyed white frost. Gold and iron horse, life's tie -finally let go; who are you conquering the world for! Time flies, a heart, a lifetime of nostalgia; a dream, waiting for thousands of years In this sad and happy, full of melancholy interpretation, as if through time and space, dream back to the Qin Dynasty.



In the afternoon, the sun generously shines on all creatures, and the soft light wakes the sleeping travelers through the curtain beside the window. The bus drove to Huaqing pool. From Qin Dynasty to Tang Dynasty, a touch of cinnabar took the view. After getting off the bus, the wind at the gate of the palace was indifferent to the enthusiasm of the sun, blowing coldly, and blowing the travelers into the love history of the Tang Dynasty. Lishan Mountain in the South and Weishui in the north. The hot springs in the pool have been heard all over the world for their fragrant and condensed fat. They are praised for their ancient and modern style and enjoy the reputation of "the best imperial spring in the world". The five pools of "star soup", "Lotus soup", "Begonia soup", "Prince soup" and "Shangshi soup" in the palace each dominate each other, interpreting the romantic love story between Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei. Walking in red walls and green tiles, I can't stand to sing a poem:




The itinerary of the next two days is also so rich: "the wind and smoke in the northern ridge opens the Wei que, and the weather town in the South porch is Shangshan", the little wild goose pagoda, "the Huimin street where Yangxin barbecue wears you, and the tourists don't break their promises," the night city where wild horses are running away, and the dazzling lights are shining "and the history museum which is" as ancient as Qin Tang Dynasty " With a panoramic view of the beautiful sceneries in the future, how can we not sigh "wake up with a broken dream on the pillow, and the victory in the future is always boundless"?


Worthy of this trip, fell in love with the ancient city, fell in love with the millennium. The soul lingers here.

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